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dub-sy /'dubsē'/

Dubsy is Double-C.  Created by designers  Cynthia Bithell and Cortland S Wilson.

DUBSY is a Utah based collaboration of thinkers playing with design for architecture, film, fashion, digital fabrication, and all design-build areas.  We perceive the world from a creative perspective, directing us towards pragmatic design that not only caters to the functionality of the real word, but offers enchanting aesthetics from the inspired mind.

CYNTHIA BITHELL  currently plays Director at DesignBuildBLUFF, a non-profit design build organization.  A few of her favorite things include her sewing machine, building tools and sketchbook.  She has achieved both her Bachelor's Degree and  Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Utah and is currently taking the Architect Registration Examinations to become a licensed architect.  See Cynthia's resume, awards, and credits. 

CORTLAND S WILSON  currently toys back-and-forth between film and architecture projects. He finds his inspiration from the rugged desert, and prefers a raw minimalist style for design and story. He has achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Film, and a Master's Degree in Architecture; both from the University of Utah.  See Cortland's resume, awards, and credits.


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